Masters of Health Magazine May 2022 - Page 55

However, with the birth of the internet, the public is now doing their own research to look for suppressed technology and have decided to take healthcare into their own hands.

For example, natural remedies such as Cannabis was once widely used until it became a restricted narcotic, then banned altogether, only to have it recently return as a prescription medicine or a recreational drug in countries such as Canada where I live. Cannabis was proven to be a safe complimentary treatment especially for cancer patients, so the Canadian government decided to decriminalize this nature medicine to allow the population to grow the herb at home without fear of criminalization. It’s now a billion dollar business in Canada.

In a similar fashion, Tesla’s electromagnetic medical marvels brought healing fields to the patient via his Tesla coil. With $400,000 of investor money he incorporated the Tesla Electrotherapeutic and Ozone companies.  He manufactured medical devices that would emit oscillating waves of various frequencies consisting of low frequency pulsing magnetic fields to treat pain; acoustic vibration machines to detoxify organs of the body; high frequency cancer killing radio waves, ultra-high frequency ultraviolet light to create vitamin D and ozone to deactivate viruses.

Robert W. Connolly, Producer - Tesla’s Medicine