Masters of Health Magazine May 2022 - Page 54

“The desire that guides me in all I do

is the desire to harness the forces

of nature to the service of mankind.”

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla's

Healing Fields

Part 1

by Robert W. Connolly

Most people know of the Tesla automobile, named by Elon Musk, because of Nikola Tesla’s invention of the induction motor that powers the car. Tesla became world famous because he was the inventor of our modern AC alternating current power distribution system. This article is dedicated to his discoveries in healthcare which few people know about.  They are centered around his patent – the Tesla Coil.


The emphasis I place on Tesla in the feature articles and various videos that you will see in future articles of Masters of Health Magazine comes from the realization that he was very influential as being the originator of extremely advanced magnetic field therapy. He envisioned building schools and hospitals with Tesla coils embedded into the walls when doctors were still shocking their patients with early versions of TENS machines.

I intend to introduce this audience to a historical perspective of Tesla’s medical technology; follow its demise here in the west; to its migration in Eastern Europe; and finally its return as a legally licensed medical device here in Canada; and acceptance as a wellness device in the United States.


Here in these issues and in my upcoming trilogy of 90-minute documentary films, I present my journey that began in 2008 in search of Tesla’s medical devices that created “Healing Fields” of energy medicine.  My goal is to produce three feature length documentary films, an interactive university medical text book and a personal digital diary that details why we know so little of Tesla and his miracle “lost, but rediscovered,” medical inventions.

Nikola Tesla returns as a super hero!


Few people know Nikola Tesla for his medical inventions that involved the use of electromagnetism and light to treat a wide variety of disease.  Tesla won the war of currents and a place in history with his AC power distribution system, but his ventures into free wireless energy failed because investors felt it could not be monetized effectively. Enforcing patents and regulating their use was a problem then as it still is today. Similarly, the ever-popular use of Tesla’s electricity in western medicine fell to the wayside with the introduction of the AMA, the FDA and patented drugs that could turn a healthy profit for its corporate shareholders.