Masters of Health Magazine May 2022 - Page 4


8 ancient dietary wisdom for tomorrow's children

Sally Fallon Morell. MA

26 mother earth's ecosystem

Ruth Westreich

32 what's making our children sick?

Dr. Michelle Perro, MD

38 hold the line. Freedom song

Kelly Newton-Wordsworth

42 changing microbiom

Jeffrey Smith

52 nicola tesla's healing field - part 1

Robert W. Connolly

64 Interview with Dr. Plasker, DC and Gretchen DuBeau, ANH

Zen Honeycutt

74 dietary basics - part 1

Lady Carla Davis, MPH

84 treating your body's symptoms

Dr. Eric Plasker, DC

102 finding serenity

Steeve Rees, Ret. RN, Harpist

108 your other family. sound health

keynotes for may

Sharry Edwards, M. Ed

116 astrology and musical sounds

Jill Mattson

132 children's health defense/

kennedy news and views

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.