Masters of Health Magazine May 2022 - Page 39

'Hold the line' is a song written by Kelly Newton-Wordsworth

for the brave people all over the world who are standing to STOP THE MANDATES!

We stand for FREEDOM TO LIVE!

Every one of her songs tells a story and the songs have come from a much bigger story. Her song, Long live the King of Thailand, led her to King Bhummibol's palace to sing for his 80th birthday. She is the first foreigner in the history of Thailand ever to write and perform a song for any of the Thai Kings.

Her song, 'What is happening to our forests?', was a very important part of saving 1.5 million hectares of ancient Karri forest in the south-west of Western Australia. 'Song for West Papua', continues to let people know of the plight of West Papuan people and their fight for freedom. Her songs have been used to bring the light in situations where there is none. This is all part of her journey where she works to do only what God asks of her.

She lives at 'Boraning', (which means in Nungar, the local Indigenous language, "Place of spiritual wisdom"), with William and their son Vincent, where they work together as a team to do all God calls them to do. They have given the land to God and work to do His will there every day. Over the last years they have planted over 100,000 native trees, 2.5,000 olive trees, 1000 Pistachios, other nut and fruit trees. They have biodynamic cattle and sheep, also a horse stud to breed horses for dressage, show jumping and so on. They have accommodation, events in their cafe and concerts. They live a very dynamic and exciting life beyond what can be described in words.

Kelly continues to work internationally through the internet and social media. Kelly and William started their own church "without walls" which is world wide. Kelly's page 'Jesus Rocks my World' continues to be a platform from which she is able to reach millions of people. She is now fully engaged in fighting for freedom from the unlawful mandates imposed upon humanity by many of the world leaders.

William and Kelly with their music company, Newtone Productions are presently releasing her song, 'Hold the line' world wide to encourage every freedom fighter.

Perth, WA Australia.