Masters of Health Magazine May 2022 - Page 38

Kelly Newton-Wordsworth lives a life beyond her wildest dreams. Born in Canada, but returning with her parents to their homeland of Western Australia she grew up in a suburb of Perth. After two law degrees, she escaped into "living the dream" to become a professional actress working all over Australia. She then married her University sweetheart in 1987 to become with her husband William, the longest running broadacre Biodynamic/Organic farmers in Western Australia.

She and William had their first child, Tara in July 1988. Around three weeks later she had another life changing experience when she gave up her life to serve God out in a field on their farm. She then embarked on a journey to "make the difference" she could make following the guidance God gave to her. This decision has led her to living a much bigger life than she could ever have imagined.

She wrote her first "message" song the day after this huge spiritual experience, when a voice shouted to her to "STOP" as she was jogging along a lonely bush road. She looked around and there was nobody there. She looked on the ground and there was a two metre Tiger snake coming across the road in front of her. As it was the day after she gave up her life to serve God, she knew that God had saved her. A Tiger snake is one of the deadliest in the world.

Straight after this experience she wrote 'Song of the bush'. The last lines are, "If we don't stop this way of living where we are taking without giving, one day there will be silence there". She has been led by God to help to make the difference to wake people up to realise how precious we all are and that we must take care of God's creation.

Her journey has led her to being a humanitarian and environmental activist all over the world, whilst also caring for her husband and three children, Tara, Vincent and Grace. She is also now a mother-in law and a grandmother of two beautiful boys.

The adventures God has taken her on include leading her to become a "spiritual" Christian in 1995. Through finding Jesus and prayer, she has been led to sing in front of millions of people in sometimes quite dangerous situations.




London, England, UK