Masters of Health Magazine May 2022 - Page 26

is a life-long artist, activist, and passionate philanthropist. She has integrated all facets of herself to be a global change maker. She believes deeply that we cannot have personal health without planetary health. The two are inextricably connected.

Ruth also believes it is possible to make sea changes in our understanding of ourselves and the natural world we inhabit by reconnecting to our source. Above all, Ruth is a connector and strategist who creates communication bridges that bring together people from varied disciplines in health, the environment, discovery science, and investigative journalism.

The Westreich Foundation uses thought-provoking art, activism, and philanthropy to engage and unite people around the science and societal issues that erode and threaten human and planetary health, while providing an educational platform that inspires, connects, and supports organizations and people working toward healthier people and the planet.

For decades, The Westreich Foundation whose global reach has supported a variety of people and causes, including early Integrative Medicine and education, Natural Medicine, Nutritional Science, Whole Person Systems Based-Health Care, and focusing on Environmental Toxins that erode the health and vibrancy of all life.

Presently, Ruth gives of her time, talent, and treasure to organizations that are focusing on health and environmental solutions for our future for people and the planet.

She works tirelessly with Alliance for Natural Health-US and Alliance for Natural Health-International, Organic Consumers Association, and Regenerate Health International (RHI). RHI  is under the umbrella of Regeneration International.

Ruth believes if you are not focused on solutions, you may be part of the problem. 

Ruth Westreich