Masters of Health Magazine May 2022 - Page 118

According to Sharry Edwards, founder of BioAcoustics, these stellar frequencies trigger dissonance and lack of harmonic coherence in our bodies, emotions, and unconscious realms. As a result, they can make us sick. But, on the other hand, they can create abundance, health, and other desirable benefits.


Importantly, these stellar influences can be identified coming in from space and by their levels in our bodies. If these frequencies are too strong in our energy fields, the frequencies can be lessened. Conversely, if they are not present, nor strong enough in your body, you can strengthen them by adding unique sounds to provide a balance of frequencies in your body. In this state, your body naturally heals itself. Sharry Edwards does this with BioAcoustics. This is what the ancient mages and musicians did!


Michael Gauquelin found statically significant data, connecting your astrology and type of profession taken up later in life. For example, physicians were often born when Mars or Saturn was high in the sky, but artistic professionals were not born during this period.[4] Perhaps, star energy at conception alters the selection of our genes, which influences our personalities. Is this why astrology seems to be so accurate at times? We know influential subtle energies come from the sky, but is there a system that we can use to predict and alter these frequencies?


As everything is energy, it has vibration and frequency at its core. For example, if one plays the frequency of niacin (a supplement that makes your face flush), the listener's face flushes. Our bodies change from tangible things like food and frequencies that have the same frequencies as food. Ancient Magi played music to give us needed frequencies and balance challenging energy coming from space.


As we are unique beings, energy helps one person but does not support the next. For example, if someone had a cold and an octave of the frequency of zinc came to Earth from planetary movement, his cold improves. However, one who doesn't need the frequency of zinc will not notice any difference.


Even challenging energy can be beneficial. Likewise, an athlete builds muscles by overcoming physical resistance with weights. Subtle star energy provides opportunities to grow on multiple levels. Similarly, mastering challenging astrology offers growth opportunities. This mastery was supported in times past with precise selections of music.


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I have reintroduced the ancient prized knowledge of adding frequencies in your energy fields to attract health, abundance, and more. Specific instruction were reconstructed to use the balancing tones from the zodiac star systems – and tailor them for your current needs - for health, abundance, and relationship benefits.

The Music of the Spheres, the cosmic tonal patterns we have evolved with for eons, is far more than predictions of fun tidbits found in a horoscope!

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