Masters of Health Magazine May 2022 - Page 117

Astrology And Musical Sounds

By Jill Mattson, Musician

Many disregard astrology, linking it to tabletop gossip or something akin to superstitious tarot cards. Yet the origins of astrology came from wise sages, Magi’s from ancient Samaria –who professed this information came from the Gods (an advanced preflood group of people?).


The ancient Zoroastrians believed that the Earth, sun, and moon affect our astral bodies (feelings), while the planets affect our etheric bodies (health energy). The signs of the zodiac affect our physical bodies.[1] This information comes from one of the earlier references to astrology.


The Magi’s from Samaria calculated and predicted planetary and star movements. This information predicted influential energy coming from the heavens. Furthermore, they countered difficult forecasts with specially crafted music that balanced energy from time and the stars. This "Star Music" balanced people to overcome challenges and difficulties in their lives. It must have been effective, as it was prized in ancient China, India, and Egypt. But unfortunately, this ancient art has long been forgotten; hence astrology has fallen only to be a system that predicts the future and influential energies.


The musical astrology practice assumes that frequencies and music come from the stars and influence humanity. Is there any truth to this? Are these ancient teachings based on quantum energies that we are just beginning to understand via science? Or, are their methods pure superstition?


In recent years, modern technology shows that frequencies from the movements of planetary bodies do come to Earth. NASA and companies with satellites confirm that influential waves (frequencies) come to Earth from movements (frequencies) of the heavenly bodies – planets and stars.


NASA releases recorded space sounds. So you and I can listen to these eerie sounds. Also, as detected by satellites, John and Christian Byrd from the Motorola Corporation published cycles of low-intensity frequencies coming from space.[2] Although we can't see or hear these frequencies, we can prove that the Earth is bathed in them daily.


William Chaplin, an astrophysicist at the University of Birmingham, UK, describes the sky as a celestial orchestra – the smallest stars are like the flutes, the medium stars link to the trombones, and the giants to the tuba section. Their waves are reflected in the subtle brightening and dimming of the stars. They are triggered by the turbulent rise and fall of hot gases on the star's surface.

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[2] Sharry Edward’s BioAcoustics has incorporated these frequencies into its data banks.

These waves are like stellar tones. Scientists use these tones to determine the star's size, composition, and mass.[3]


Daily electromagnetic energy from the stars creates either challenging or supportive physical, emotional, and mental qualities. Some of this ever-changing energy improves our conditions, and some challenge us.

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