Masters of Health Magazine May 2022 - Page 111

This might also be the answer to why we are attracted to certain people and apathetic regarding others, enthusiastic about some events and ambivalent about others.


What if we are magnetically drawn to people, events, or behaviors because their magnetic potential moves us toward our own perfection?  Would that explain why we have affairs, are attracted to certain geographical locations, or prefer some foods or colors over others?

If we are pulled to have an affair and it is glorious, is it the guilt that unbalances our karma (our need to have balance).  What if everyone understood that their behavior is dictated by a need to be magnetically balanced?

It would make it easier for your partner to understand that an affair is in addition to them, not instead of, them.  Would the axiom “ALL ACTIONS AND THOUGHTS ARE REQUIRED” allow our world to be saner and more peaceful place.

There is room for lot of argument here!

How valuable is being REAL?  How freeing?  How courageous must you be to always speak your truth? In our present world, would we create a great many narcissists?  There is a challenge to explain why bad things happen to good people.   How important is the TRUTH?  Are we so presently unbalanced that a world of “REAL” could never achieved?

 If this theory has any validity, it might also explain spontaneous combustion.  If you put equal but opposite polarity potentials together you get nothingness – at least that is what is perceived in this dimension. Maybe those who have reached perfection on earth simply spontaneous combust – new agers call this phenomena, ascension. By this thought process, we may be able to assert that:

If you’re still on earth in a physical body, you still have something to learn.  The fact that you are here would prove that you are imperfect.

This column is based on the premise that every frequency can be a holographic representation of a person, place or thing and that time influences the frequencies active at any one time in our multiverse.

Remember that very sensitive people may be influenced by these frequencies ahead of the average population.  For those of you using frequency-based healing, these external influencing frequencies may explain an issue even when you can’t find the cause in their biofield.

Keynote frequencies for May, 2022

For most of the entire month of May, muscles of the neck and finger are stressed. Beginning mid-month cholesterol challenges emerge.  By the end of the month prostate issues will become prevalent.

Keynote from last week of April frequency equivalent review:  Universal sounds are quickly moving into frequencies of gliadin and gluten; two heavy handed grain related allergens; made worse by serine unbalance.   Antibodies are activated along with genes and proteins that deal with the management of grains in the body. 

Remember BROWSE – Barley – Rye – Oats – Wheat - Spelt – Eliminate. Digestive enzymes might be helpful.

The frequencies coming to earth the last week of April may activated the celiac gene.