Masters of Health Magazine May 2022 - Page 109

Sound Health KeyNotes


May 2022

By Sharry Edwards, M.Ed.

Almost Everything is Something Else

Could I ask that you suspend your beliefs for a few moments? I would like to propose the idea that what we think is required and that we have very little control over our psychological functions.


Let’s take the idea one step at a time

1.     Each thought that we think is a measurable electrical frequency stored within the electro/magnetic system of our brain.

2.     At the point of death, supposedly, this kind of electrical impulse leaves the body.

3.     At the point of conception, it is speculated that this energy rejoins a body.

4.     If every thought that you think is a measurable frequency; a frequency that dissipates when the body dies and then reenters when an additional body is conceived, would it be reasonable to assume that the energy, the frequency that was once your thoughts, is somehow being reused?

5.     And if it is reused, how would your thoughts/frequencies influence the new body/mind that received your old frequencies?

If this is true, it may be the explanation as to how and why astrology and the idea of reincarnation, works. Can we speculate that only certain kinds of frequencies are available depending on solar related magnetic configurations? (This is true with tides and certain sea animals. Why not influence humans also?)


Let us suppose that our mind’s thoughts are frequencies of electrical energy and that they work much like the iron oxide that is used to develop the patterns on early audio tape recordings. The iron oxide does not have a choice in what it patterns, or records and I would like to propose that the human mind might work somewhat similarly.


If each thought is a frequency, let us speculate that “loving horses” might be given the mathematical label of +11. Let us also suppose that what the ancients have been teaching us about frequency is true: That we each seek to go back to zero to feel balanced.

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