Masters of Health Magazine May 2019 | Page 28

up a resonant field for whatever is consistent

with it. Our planetary system is also a kind of intent – setting in motion cycles of energy

emphasizing one direction or another that become the larger context for human choices.

The current message from planetary wisdom is that it’s time for us to keep focused and organized, expressing what we love to do, and contributing to the world what we have of value. It is a time of being responsible and at the same time being playful and creative.

It’s a time of discipline and optimism, discerning what’s real from what’s not, and

making dreams come true.

It’s time to really own that we create our experience. It’s time to step it up, to be aware

and responsible for what we hold in our mind, what we speak to others, what we’re sending out to the world with our thoughts. When we accept this joyfully we are truly living the wisdom of vijnana, the divine within us expressed outwardly in action.

Observer-created Reality “Unplugged”

What is it and why you should care

An Observer-created Reality means we are always influencing what we experience according to the judgments and conclusions

we bring to our “observations.”

There is no objective reality apart and separate from what we bring –to our way of seeing things, people,

situations, and events.

Circumstances are not “absolutes.”

This is good news!

I can shift my experience and outcomes for myself and others by realizing and remembering:

1 What I think is not “the absolute truth.”

2 What I bring is what I get.

3 I can shape-shift reality with a new benevolent intent.

Mastery Practice: At least once in the next few days, become aware of what you are holding as “absolutely the way it is.”

Just notice it.

If the fixed thought and whatever meaning you are giving that thought is not giving you the experience you desire, create a new intent and notice how that shifts your experience.

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