Masters of Health Magazine May 2019 | Page 27

Since we are vehicles for the dynamics of creation, becoming aware of what you bring to your observations leads us to becoming masterful co-creators.

Creation is not “belief” nor is it wishful thinking. It is entering the state where you know yourself as one with divine creator, consciousness, the ground of being, however you refer to the creation principle. It is generating a conscious intent for an experience or result, speaking it in the present tense as if it is already occurring. It is realizing that we exist in a field together; it is a field of intelligence, a field of energy, a field of awareness.

Our intent affects one another. The next octave of awareness is noticing our intent for our relationships, for the others sharing the field.

Sometimes you hear people say, usually with a tad of righteousness, “Well, I choose to

see it that way.” If you think something is that way because that’s the way you “choose”

to see it – you miss the opportunity and wisdom of an Observer-created Reality. What there is to realize is what you are holding as your underlying intent. It isn’t that way because that’s the way you choose to see it; it is that way because you are creating it that way with your intent and your attention.

What “they” think about us …

You are holding the reality of how “they” see you!

An area where the Observer-created Reality becomes really helpful is in our relationships

– regarding what we imagine the other person thinks about us. For example, you work with someone and you’re thinking, “He doesn’t like me because …” and then fill in the blank with whatever story or reason you have come up with to prove your point. Or “She thinks I’m weird because I believe in reincarnation” or whatever else you’ve made up to explain why you say someone feels that way about you.

Take a relaxing deep breath and contemplate: You are the one creating the reality of whatever they feel about you. There is no absolute way that it, he, or she is, or that they are, out there. In an Observer-created Reality we are always shaping what we see. Fred Alan Wolf says it succinctly, “There’s no ‘out there’ out there.” In the quantum field of two people, one person’s benevolent intent can and does shift the experience for both.

In the moment you become aware of your judgment or story or imaginings you can just

notice that – and create something more empowering. Once you can realize whatever

you are insisting upon is not “the absolute way that it is” you can literally create how the

other person experiences you with a new intent. You created the not-so-empowering

interpretation – so why not create something higher, sublime, simpatico, loving? What you create will in turn shape the reality of your experience and the other persons, and the quality of your relationship.

Simple Practices Make A Profound Difference

Our predominant habits of mind including our speaking conjure up realities. Simple

things – like telling your mate or your child to remember about dinner tonight rather than saying “don’t forget.” Picturing and experiencing your body as slim, trim, and healthy rather than fixating on the thought that you’re overweight and you’ve got to get thin – these gentle, subtle practices do have cumulative positive effects on our habits of mind and therefore, on our manifested experience and outcomes.

The Current Cycle – Optimism and Discipline

Intent is an ever-present energetic, setting up a resonant field for whatever is consistent

with it. Our planetary system is also a kind of intent – setting in motion cycles of energy

emphasizing one direction or another that become the larger context for human choices.