Masters of Health Magazine May 2019 | Page 26

“Mere observation is enough to alter the history of anything or anyone, even a whole country.”

- Fred Alan Wolf, Ph.D, Quantum Physicist and Author, aka “Dr. Quantum”

Scientists today are proving what mystics have known for ages: You and I are the Observers in an Observer-created Reality. What does it mean? The “observer effect” is

the discovery that there is no objective reality separate and independent from the observer who is doing the observing. Observer and the Observed are one. There are distinctions but no actual separation. Consciousness affects matter simply by observing it. “Observing” in this sense is not only “seeing;” think of it as whatever we hold in mind.

This principle that changed the course of physics, the observer effect insight has been

said in diverse ways throughout the ages. In ancient times the sage, Vasistha, said: The world is as you see it. In modern times the author Anais Nin said: We don't see things as

they are, we see them as we are. The “as you see it” part is what I want to focus on because this is where our mastery can slip.

“Observer-created Reality” is the core distinction of the QuantumThink® system of

thinking. In short it is saying: What you bring is what you get. What we bring to our observations – about the way specific people are, about the way the government is, about

the way we ourselves are – is not only giving us our personal experience of life – it is shaping the outer circumstances of reality via the resonance principle.

Every time you imagine circumstances are “fixed” you are a little bit out of sync with natural law. Living the wisdom of this is challenging for sure because we have been

brought up in a Newtonian world view where they were sure that matter was “fixed and predictable.” It really is so freeing to realize that we are 100% responsible at least for our

experience of life moment by moment. As amazing as it seems we can override the seeming extenuating circumstances.

Great News! There are no absolutes.

Fundamental to “the observer effect” is the idea that there is no absolute reality “out

there” independent of the observer viewing it. This was discovered in part when Werner

Heisenberg now famous for the Uncertainty Principle in physics found that he could not

precisely measure both the velocity and the location of a quantum particle at the same

time. Lest you think this is too scientific for you, think of it as common sense.

If everything in the universe is energy in constant motion and you “stop” the motion to determine the exact location, how can you know the speed? And if you clock the speed

while the energy is moving, how can you glean the exact location?

Anyway, onward and upward, scientists also realized that the instrument of observation was always influencing and altering whatever they were observing. As human instruments of observation, we can tune into a different “reality station” and the circumstances will align with our intent.

If you think there is some kind of fixed reality “out there” that is unchangeable then not only are you mistaken about the nature of reality according to science and spiritual teachings, if you think circumstances are fixed the best you can hope for is to be able to deftly navigate your way around them. The great news is when we can acknowledge that just because we have a thought does not mean it’s the absolute “truth,” we can shift our experience and our relationships with a new intent.

Intent expressed as thought and the meanings we ascribe to our thoughts gives rise to our emotional state and at a deeper level to our feeling tone or our resonant field.