Masters of Health Magazine May 2019 | Page 72

Second, determine if that specific essential oil is valid for the issue that you are intending to use it for. You may have someone tell you that a certain oil will do something specific for you, but it is crucial that you test it out first in small amounts and observe how it affects you.

There are 3 main applications for essential oils that have proven to be very useful. Inhalation is really effective in facilitating different mood enhancements as well as a medicinal aid for upper respiratory issues. Topical application of essential oils is also efficient since the skin is excellent for absorbing the oils and transferring them into the bloodstream to be transported to where the body needs them. Internal consumption in small amounts is also an effective way to apply essential oils. Many people use these oils for cooking as they give lovely flavors to the food. Actually, the food industry is the largest user of essential oils accounting for over 50% of all essential oils produced. Even root beer has a small amount of Wintergreen oil added to give that unique flavor.

The website that I refer to above also has recipes for various household cleaners, detergents, and soaps that can be made using essential oils. The importance of making and using these essential oil ingredients is that they are totally natural and gentle and help us to avoid the use of harsh chemicals in our home environments. Even the bible says that the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations. Essential oils are directly extracted from those leaves and have a much more beneficial effect on our bodies than the harsh chemicals that are used in most of the “off the shelf products” that we find in the supermarkets.

Some of the “go to” essential oils that I recommend starting with are:

Lemon essential oil is used for adding freshness to your drinking water; decreasing nausea; taste in cooking – and it just smells nice!

Peppermint oil can boost energy levels; decreases indigestion; opens up your airway; tastes excellent in cooking – and once again, smells really good!

Lavender oil brings relaxation; calms allergic reaction; reduces itching and helps sleep.

Grapefruit oil can decrease food intake and stimulate fat breakdown.

Orange oil can help with depression.

Clary Sage oil can decrease cortisol release.

Rosemary oil can increase memory.

There’s a blend of essential oils that is called Deep Blue, which is wonderful for spreading over aching and painful muscles.

There is so much more I could say about how useful and practical essential oils are in our everyday lives. However, this introduces you to the resource of The Natural Living Family because I think they give an excellent balanced overview of the various uses of essential oils. While not an authority on everything, I have researched multiple topics out to find the best information possible on the different ways to improve our health. I firmly believe that essential oils are one more excellent way to take charge and live a thriving, healthy lifestyle.