Masters of Health Magazine May 2019 | Page 17

If we’re not appreciative we can’t grow – appreciation is an absolutely essential component of the growth and maintenance of a body. In fact your body will give you symptoms and create disease to try to get you to appreciate it.

If you had only 24 hours to live, do you know what you’d do? You would go to the people you love and say to them, “I love you and I appreciate you. Thank you for contributing to my life,” because when you’re down to the last moments of life you get to priority and the highest priority is love and appreciation.

There is no higher priority for a human being. All of us are on spiritual missions, having a spiritual body inside a physical/metaphysical body and that is here for the sole purpose of learning lessons of love and appreciation. Everything we do in all the seven areas of life will be teaching us exactly that, and to the degree we learn those lessons we will unfold our full potential both physically and metaphysically and to the degree we don’t we sabotage that potential.

When you have appreciation it opens up the gateway of the heart and allows the love that is always waiting there to eternally express itself in the form of light or illumination in our consciousness, which brings organization and order to human physiology. It’s been shown scientifically that love and appreciation organizes and brings order to cell structures on a molecular level. Fact! Love and appreciation organizes physiology, brings order… cures disease if you want to call it that.

When you’re in that state of appreciation and love you do not waver with emotions. Emotions are waverings and uncertainties – they’re the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in physics – but there is a state of certainty that occurs when we have gratitude and love, the third cardinal pillar. When we love somebody we don’t waver with, ‘I’m not sure if I love them, I think I do, maybe I don’t,’ we know that we know that we know. Our heart is open and we feel and know that we love them. When you have that certainty your physiology aligns itself as an orchestra and the conductor, which is your heart, conducts. Everything comes together as a perfect symphony.

So certainty is a by-product of gratitude and love and when you are certain you’re not wavering with past remembered guilts and future imagined fears.

The fourth of the cardinal pillars is Presence. When you are in a state of gratitude love and certainty, you are in a state of presence.

Love, Gratitude, Certainty, Presence - those are the four cardinal pillars and any healer who has those states will bring healing to anyone they get involved with. And guess what? Everyone can be a healer.