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My first mission statement was: “I want to dedicate the rest of my life to the study of universal laws in relation to body, mind and spirit, particularly as they relate to healing and explore and discover and share my findings with those who are receptive around the world and be paid for it.”

The idea of health has been extremely important to me in my life. Even when I was 17 I wanted to know the essence of healing. The true essence. As I started to explore and I had the opportunity to study virtually every form of healing art in existence. From Aboriginal healing to medicine healing to psychic surgery to herbal and nutritional healing, acupuncture systems, eastern and western, Tibetan medicine – I’ve had my hands in and dabbled with just about every form of healing there is and I’ve been involved in it in one form or another all my life. I’ve worked in health food stores, traveled and studied around the world, I’m a chiropractor by profession, I’ve studied a vast number of healing arts, I’ve lived in libraries and met with many different practitioners – even an Indian medicine man who did fire sittings – all kinds of stuff.

Anything to do with healing I was interested in, but I was interested not in technique so much as in essence. I wanted to know what makes a great healer and what was it that brought spontaneous remissions in healing.

There are four cardinal pillars of healing.

Anybody in the healing arts who applies these four things will become a master healer. Anybody who goes to a healer with these principles will experience a healing process. Any person seeking healing who has these four things will heal. I call them the Four Cardinal Pillars of the Sacred Temple of Healing and the first one is love.

There is no greater healer on this planet than the feeling of love which means a heart that is open and not distorted by the judgment of a lopsided perception which causes emotions. It’s a truly open-hearted, embracing state.

Number two is gratitude, an absolute appreciation for life. As with your finances, you must have appreciation in order for it to grow so too with your body. If it’s not growing it’s decaying and disease is simply a decay process.


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