Masters of Health Magazine May 2017 - Page 97

Boost your immune system and provide your body with optimal defense by taking a Zinc Fx™ lozenge that includes Zinc, plus an effective botanical nutrient blend.

Zinc Fx™ combines immune-boosting Zinc, a protective food and nutrient blend, plus a trace mineral blend. The powerful combination of Zinc and an effective botanical nutrient blend in an easily dissolvable lozenge will help support a healthy immune system and optimal defenses when you need it most. Zinc Fx™ can be taken daily for optimal immune-boosting support. 30 Lozenges.

zinc is what your hair needs

“No nutrient is more important for the hair than zinc, which not only stimulates its synthesis and growth inside the hair follicle, but also helps balance out the excess male hormones that are associated with hair thinning and loss." ~ Ben Fuchs

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Zinc FX™ - 30 Lozenges