Masters of Health Magazine May 2017 - Page 71


The power of vibration, sound, music,

and the quest for “SOUNDLIGHT”.

By Rev. Jorge Alfano B.MSc, C.H.

In most of the Ancient teachings of the Creators there is a specific chapter dedicated to the use and awareness of vibration ( frequency, tone , color , pitch, energy…..etc.) in all its manifestations.

The perception of this subtle movement of energy could be interpreted in many different ways, for example: mathematical patterns, cyclical movements, sound and light changes, and probably we can find many definitions as it becomes denser and denser into the 3D or 3 dimensional reality/existence.

It’s here on this 3D reality where we have our bodies, our minds and our Essence it’s were everything happens from pain to happiness, from joy to misery, from darkness to Enlightenment…and more.

My concern since I grew up being a professional musician since I was 14 years old was: WHY music, sound and vibration affect us SO MUCH and we don’t even know it.

We live in a Soup of vibrations, sounds, energy and we are continuously bombarded with more and more unwanted and uninvited vibrations that subliminally affects our mood, our relationships and everything else.

This is why for the last 35 years I research and learn different ways to use sound and music to revert the effects of sensorial unconsciousness, to create spiritual re-programing, to reset the lost state of original harmony within our DNA, it is possible through the use of many different techniques to resonate and to tune with the original state of “SOUNDLIGHT” our quantum spiritual state. In this series I propose to you to share and explore the infinity of “SOUNDLIGHT” which involves , ancients teachings of sound and healing, scientific and spiritual techniques to restore and create Harmony trough consciousness , contemporary discoveries of sound therapies, high vibrational music ( healing sound codes),Ancient and modern use of sound and music for advancement ….and more....


An emotional, meditative and profound musical journey into the spiritual dimensions of Light, featuring many world instruments as Shakuhachi Japanese flute, cello , soprano sax, piano, ambient keyboards, Tibetan bowls, gongs, guitar , bass, silver flute.

Genre: New Age: Meditation

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The music on the background is the Awakening track frm the New CD