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Lisa lives, breathes, eats, and sleeps fitness. Anyone that knows Lisa is drawn to her by her positive, magnetic personality and her knowledge and love for fitness, and well being. "Life is a gift and you must give back to truly enjoy it."

Lisa lives her life to help people, she believes that your mind is in control of your body, train your mind to be strong and positive is her motto:"If you believe, you will achieve greatness.

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Life can get very harsh sometime and we need to find healthy alternatives to help us cope. Breathing is so important for so many reasons. Deep breathing can bring you from a high anxiety state to a very calm and soothing one. Many people take drugs for anxiety, when all you really need is to breathe and lower your heart rate and center you mind, body, and spirit.

When I do my deep breathing, I close my eyes and imagine breathing in all the white and pure energy around me, then as I exhale I release all the bad and negative energy that could be around me. Other times I will take a long deep breath, hold it for 4-5 seconds and then slowly exhale to calm myself down. All you need is three or four rounds of this breathing technique to calm your nervous system down and relax your mind. It truly works.

My children also use these breathing exercises when they get upset and need to calm down. My son is seven years old and the breathing is the only thing that relaxes him when he gets angry or has a temper tantrum. Sometimes they get so mad at me and say, “No I will not do your stupid deep breathes,” then they do it and it always works.

It is so important for us to teach our children alternative methods than the usual yelling, spanking, punishing to get them to listen. My kids have been taught to love nature, and be grateful for everything that life has to offer. They come with me to do volunteer work and help the homeless and they love it.

My kids are 10 and 11 and they love to help people and spread the love. My son loves to talk to me about God, and the sun, the sky, and the moon. I have taught him about the full moon and new moon, and we even do rituals with the intentions and the candles that each New moon brings.

Both my kids love to think positive, they teach their friends that you could turn your day around by just speaking or feeling better.

Use breathing techniques

to deal with stress


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