Masters of Health Magazine May 2017 | Page 48

mind body spirit

lisa Dwoskin

Life Coach, Fitness Expert

Author, TV/Radio Host

Lisa Dwoskin is a true entrepreneur, she owned and operated Metamorphecise Health Spa and Wellness Center for 13 years. She is now a life coach, personal trainer and fitness expert. As Lisa became more experienced in working with clients one on one, she realized that many people were suffering and staying stagnant in one place due to the fact that they could not program their minds to be positive. Lisa felt that she had to teach individuals that with a positive mind, they can change their bodies and their lives. This is when she incorporated mind and spiritual workouts into her clients regimens.

Lisa Has been in the health and wellness industry for about 25 years, and her passion has only grown into overall health, wellness and lifestyle. She built up a great reputation for herself and people want to hear what she has to say.

She leads seminars twice a month to educate people on self-love, healing, and meditation. She started her very own weekly radio show, where she talks about fitness, nutrition, spiritual enlightenment, and healthy living, in every aspect of your life.

She is also currently shooting some TV segments with Celebrity Athletes She not only teaches what she preaches, but she lives it as well 100%.