Masters of Health Magazine May 2017 - Page 14

In one case in which he used to defend, the doctor defeated a lawsuit by the Energizer Bunny company. He solidly defeated their attempts to convert his 528AutoEnergizer web domains to prevent his sales and promotions of 528-frequency-generating pain-relieving instruments.

Later, the doctor blew out the Internet trolls disparaging his 528 discoveries and musical transposition service.

And despite a steady stream of hacker-attacks, is still broadcasting 528Hz transpositions in a dozen genres of music.

The “528LOVERevolution”

Dr. Horowitz’s most “paradigm shattering” among his nineteen books is The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE. It takes you beyond his 12th book, and third American bestseller—Healing Celebrations: Miraculous Recoveries Through Ancient Scripture, Natural Medicine & Modern Science, wherein the doctor prescribes simple steps for health maintenance and rapid recoveries now prescribed by thousands of health professionals who celebrate Horowitz’s revelations.

The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE is “absolutely inspirational” and “life-changing.” People who read this book never see life the same way again, nor take it for granted. It’s uplifting intelligence is central to the “spirit of truth that shall set everyone free,” Dr. H decrees.

The “528LOVERevolution” is best explained on This site features Dr. Horowitz’s pioneering discoveries in “Medicinal Music Making.”

his “Official 528 Frequency Website” explains why musicians and recording artists worldwide are now tuning-up to A=444Hz from A=440Hz “standard tuning.” That slight inaudible change can be felt generating more relaxing de-stressing “Medicinal Music” in C=528Hz. That is the “MIracle” frequency of the original Solfeggio musical scale.

Dr. Horowitz’s theory is fairly simple. 528nm of greenish-yellow sunlight is at the heart of the electromagnetic color spectrum—that is the heart of rainbows. This most powerful energy is reflected by chlorophyll that fills the world with healing oxygen from green trees, plants, algae and grass. All the energy in the universe, including sunlight, comes from hydrogen or water. So when oxygen is produced, it carries with it the energy at the heart of rainbows— 528nm.

Horowitz theorizes this matches its reflection in sound—528Hz—that is central to nine “core creative frequencies” forming what this “King David of Natural Healing” calls, “the musical mathematical matrix of creation.”

And since Horowitz is certain creation is administered this way—depending upon sound and light flowing by “LOVE electrons”—he concludes we must be spiritual beings before we manifest as physical beings. And this simple understanding holds the capacity to revolutionize healthcare and other industries using new, and old, energy technologies.

“Energy medicine is the future, available right now to cure most diseases,” he says. He likens the potential technology revolutionizing healthcare to what “Bones”—the physician in Star Trek—used to mend injured Enterprise explorers.

To spread this great news, Dr. Horowitz is booking his “528 Music, Medicine & Miracles Seminar” through meeting planners worldwide at the present time. His Las Vegas event is scheduled for May 20th, followed by three events in South Florida in June. This begins a new phase of Dr. Horowitz’s humanitarian commitment to world health, now heralding the power of “LOVE/528.”

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