Masters of Health Magazine May 2017 - Page 13

In physics and environmental science it deals with “phase-locking” into the good vibration of nature and universal creation.

But deadly outbreaks, the doctor’s expertise in infectious diseases, and “public duty” to help save lives, has repeatedly diverted him from his uplifting “LOVE/528” message.

“I remember watching television in 2009 when the first news reports on a new virus—H1N1—was said to be coming from Mexico,” Horowitz recalled. “Having studied epidemiology at Harvard, I proceeded to do some simple virus tracking using clues supplied by the CDC, Reuters, and the media. I soon realized I was dealing with a SARS-like PSYOPS—a psychological operation much like bioterrorism. Vaccination propaganda best explains it.

I realized the fright was issuing from drug industrialists. So I put on my consumer protector hat once again, and published the real origin of the 2009 H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic. I became the first doctor in the world to diagnose where the “Mexican Swine Flu” originated.”

This time it wasn’t from New York, or monkey colonies in Central Africa. It was from British labs, aided-and-abetted by the CDC.

Turning “Lemons to Lemonade”

People always ask him, “Aren’t you afraid for your life?”

“Who doesn’t enjoy sleep?” he replies.

In 2010, Dr. Horowitz beat and then exposed an assassination plot while his companies and family came under attack by Big Pharma’s hired guns.

“2010 through 2012 were challenging years,” he recalls. “Cyber-bullies (also called “Internet trolls” and “skeptics”) hacked my websites; infiltrated my family; sabotaged my businesses; bankrupted my ministry; fraudulently foreclosed on my Hawaii property using forgeries; knocked-off my products; disparaged me internationally to destroy my reputability; and diverted my time with a half-dozen litigations to destroy my career and life’s work.”

“I’ve already told you how I respond to ‘authorities,’ and people telling me I shouldn’t be doing what I love to do. And I have another philosophy based on faith and prayer.

Whenever I’m challenged, I try to turn lemons into lemonade. I ask, ‘What’s good about this problem? What’s not perfect yet? How can I make it right, and how can I have fun doing it?’ Then I pray for the help I need.”

In response to Google/YouTube censorship, Horowitz launched his own online television network— Now the doctor broadcasts his award-winning films on demand; freely plays his powerful “Hollywood Spin” series of special reports; celebrates “Indigo Children”; rebroadcasts his lectures and consumer warnings about “Big Pharma’s Propaganda;” outputs enlightening political productions and information about his life-saving anti-biotic alternative, OxySilver; and supported this author’s “Conscious Species Channel” that demonstrates how animals have loving souls.

To oppose Big Pharma’s genocide, Horowitz launched The site provides fascinating insights on how the drug industry’s “protection racketeers” operate.

To combat the hostile takeover of his businesses, and the theft of several of his intellectual properties, Dr. Horowitz acquired sponsors to launch and reorganized

Then the doctor turned the tables on his “skeptic” critics and malicious prosecutors. He spent five years studying law in the courts of hard knocks and published to help everyone damaged and distressed by lawsuits and unable to find competent affordable counsel.

“The service is terrific,” he promises. “It offers a full money-back refund to anyone dissatisfied with only a $29 one-time investment. I designed the online self-help service to streamline self-defense in preparing legal filings, and finding cases vital to success. The site has helped me tremendously.”