Masters of Health Magazine May 2017 | Page 11

“I sold that clinic and put about $250,000 into researching the origin of AIDS. I used the money I got to sustain my family during the three years I spent full time studying viruses and their recombinations in labs funded by the National Cancer Institute,” Horowitz explained.

“I learned that the main support for developing viruses for cancer research and vaccine developments came from a largely-funded mostly-secret ‘Special Virus Cancer Program’ that ran from 1962 to 1978.”

Horowitz continued, “At the end of three years I thought I was done. I went to get the last record I needed to complete my 10th book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? and then literally entered a ‘Twilight Zone’ in the basement of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Davis Library.”

Horowitz relayed this story dozens of times in seminars, lectures, and videos.

“I literally had an angel direct me to go where I wasn’t supposed to go—into the classified section of the government documents library. There I found the contracts under which numerous AIDS-like and Ebola-like viruses were bioengineered by the Army’s sixth top biological weapons contractor—Litton Bionetics.”

Thankfully, Horowitz’s Emerging Viruses hardcover became his first of three national bestsellers. That got him and his family out of debt. Horowitz published his findings in the scientific literature. He shocked officials at the 11th International Conference on AIDS in Vancouver in 1996 during a historic moment wherein he boldly challenged the infamous Dr. Robert Gallo, the alleged “AIDS-virus discoverer,” before a documentary film crew. Gallo’s unnerving response has enraged nearly 6 million viewers since.

Even though Google/YouTube censored the segment along with Horowitz’s 157 videos only weeks before the 2014 “Ebola Emergency,” thanks to millions of supporters, many of whom downloaded “The Man Who Created AIDS” segment before Google blocked it, the monumental dialogue still plays, reposted numerous times, included on

“That video cost Dr. Gallo his Nobel Prize in Medicine, I do believe,” Horowitz said of the historic interchange. “To date, not one virologist or geneticist has ever refuted or even answered my claims. In law that’s called ‘tacit admission’ by avoidance. The AIDS science community is guilty of censoring and avoiding answering to the contracts and evidence I present.”

Horowitz’s published facts prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the 1972-1974 hepatitis B vaccine produced in Litton-supplied chimpanzees triggered the AIDS pandemic.

The chimps were shipped from Africa to New York. There, mutated viruses were grown and harvested to make the vaccines given to gay men in NYC, Central African women, and Willowbrook State School mentally-retarded children on Staten Island, NY. Gay men’s blood was ‘pooled’ to make more vaccines and blood supplies distributed to the hemophilia community. This further spread the disease.

“Litton’s chimpanzees were supplied to Merck, the U.S. Army, and New York University Medical Center. That fact alone solves the AIDS origin mystery,” Dr. Horowitz said. “This is based on the government contracts. This irrefutable intelligence has been largely censored and grossly neglected in science and the media to maintain the cover-up.”

“The main problem I have with this form of population control and public deception,” the doctor opined, “is that victims don’t get to choose their fate. Informed consent is missing from vaccination intoxications. And scientific suppression is complicit in the genocide.”

According to UNAIDS, the death toll from AIDS during the next two decades, especially in Africa, will soar from the current 25 million, to “83 million cumulative deaths, 89 million infections,” with a cost of fighting HIV/AIDS exceeding $60 billion.

All of this preventable damage has mounted largely because Dr. Horowitz’s works have been censored, and his reputation smeared, by Big Pharma’s profiteers who choose to remain in denial about their complicity in committing mass murder.