Masters of Health Magazine June 2020 | Page 84

Lisa’s clinic protocols merge science and spirituality to address the whole person and the journey of the soul.

Lisa gathers wisdom and teachings referenced in esoteric studies across time (such as Agape, Ancient Egypt, Tao Te Ching, Buddhism, Vedas, Yoga and Theosophy) and combines them with modern physiology, anatomy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and kinesiology techniques to better connect people with their spirituality.

In addition to kinesiology and mind body medicine, Lisa integrates thetahealing techniques with NLP to create new neurological connections, shift limiting belief systems and install empowering emotions and intentions in people, making people better able to deal with the rigors of

modern society such as stress and emotional imbalance.

Lisa believes that instant healing is possible through combining meditation techniques with massage, acupressure, aromatherapy, and vibrational medicine. This soul centred experience is relaxing and promotes a release of endorphins and hormones which helps shift the stress patterns stored in the body.

By identifying the energetic blocks present in the client, Lisa helps people to feel more present within their body and help set the intention to neurologically create a future built on a newfound awareness. She also teaches people how to be more empowered with and teaches how to be more resilient when dealing with stressful situations.

Elizaveta Iliagouev

International Holistic Kinesiologist

Elizaveta (Lisa) is a spiritual teacher, energetic healer and Holistic Kinesiologist practicing in her private Sydney Clinics & Online Spiritual Healing Centre. She teaches healers, light workers, empaths, and fellow spiritual seekers home / self-healing tools to increase the consciousness of the individual and the collective.

Lisa also partners with corporate organisations across Sydney offering “Corporate Kinesiology”, a program created by Lisa to offer staff and leadership teams kinesiology, transformational meditation and healings based on both modern research and ancient holistic practices.

These practices comprise of kinesiology, thetahealing, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), shamanic and sound healing using tuning forks, Tibetan bowls, voice, drums, crystals and other tools.