Masters of Health Magazine June 2019 - Page 20

For example, in the case of dry or sensitive skin it is recommended to lubricate the skin first with Magnesium Cream, because it acts as a superior moisturizer and anti-ageing cream (bonus!).

Stronger solutions such as magnesium oil can be additionally applied to increase the dose for acute conditions, pain relief and relaxation of tight muscles, ligaments, and joints with a gentle massaging action. If you are feeling any kind of tremors or muscle twitches, just apply a generous amount to that area and massage it in to relax the muscle.

Daily use of transdermal magnesium also helps to promote better sleep. Have a magnesium soak and apply magnesium skin care just before bed, for best results. Apply magnesium cream in the morning for skin conditioning and protection, and a daily magnesium boost. Significant amounts of magnesium can be naturally absorbed via skin, which has been confirmed in a number of studies. [3, 15-18]

Magnesium promotes a calmer and more focused energy metabolism and better cardiovascular health. It also delays ageing and helps to keep us younger, more flexible, and ‘juicier’ longer!

They don’t call it ‘the anti-ageing mineral’ for nothing.

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