Masters of Health Magazine June 2019 | Page 123

The prophecy was clear that no resistance should be generated to the events that would bring "the great night" because the learning that this period would leave, was indispensable in the process of evolution of humanity.

It is important to mention that for the Mayan people, the prophecies are determinant and arise from two combined processes: the first, to observe in detail and keep a detailed record of events that humanity has historically faced and the second the information the prophets receive through dreams or visions.

We could ask ourselves what the grandparents think about the Tik├║ oxlajuj, which according to the prophecy begins to manifest itself since 1987, with a time of adjustment of 5 years, that is, starting in 1992.

They insist on reminding us that changes at the universal level occur in a gradual way, that in the same way that we cannot identify the exact moment when the night ends and the day begins. We will not be able to see clearly the moment when the cycle of the thirteen heavens begins.

What is certain is that hope centers on the fact that the new period will open the doors for human beings to leave behind the limiting patterns and discover new and harmonious ways of life.

It is true that we are still immersed in violent models, that in many places we see disappointment, conflict and we have not been able to find the balance. But we cannot deny the spiritual awakening that humanity is having.

Until very recently we conceived spirituality tied to religiosity. Today, in many corners of our planet there are beings working at a spiritual level, with the clear intention of generating awareness and freedom. Opening the way for all those who want to be part of the change and leave behind what prevents us from returning to the harmony.