Masters of Health Magazine July 2020 | Page 95

Personalized Approach

By considering and addressing other factors affecting optimal health, and taking a personalized approach to diagnostic testing, an open-minded and knowledgeable practitioner can identify hormone imbalances. This identification is essential. Patients often request appointments with me and my practice because they are frustrated.

They suffer from a variety of symptoms that impact their quality of life. Some problematic symptoms are chronic and persistent and may be vague. Most often, my patients have exhausted other options. They have partaken in assessments from a variety of alternative and conventional practitioners, and have undergone multiple diagnostic tests—tests that seldom investigate hormones.

It is beneficial when a patient comes prepared with information related to the onset of symptoms, treatments that have been tried (conventional and alternative), possible external stressors, and history of diagnostic testing results. Armed with these details, I am better able to understand the root cause of symptoms, identify proper diagnostic testing, and create an accurate treatment plan.

You, Only Better

Every person is unique. Everyone’s experiences are different. A customized approach to hormonal health can provide life-changing results. A comprehensive hormonal assessment benefits individuals with no specific areas of concern and those who suffer chronic symptoms that impact the quality of life. Only by identifying the source of symptoms and reaching for optimum health do we achieve our goals, a future that includes good health.

“The greatest wealth is health.” –Virgil

The world is full of quotes and sayings to remind us how life without good health is limiting and unfortunate. Hormone balance is essential to good health. It impacts general wellness and homeostasis in the body. And who doesn’t want to feel their best?

Hamilton Ontario Bioidentical Hormones Specialist, Kristina Janicas, N.P. is a licensed nurse practitioner specializing in anti-aging, regenerative and functional medicine. Kristina uses an integrative, evidence-based multifaceted approach (physical, psychosocial, genetic, environmental, diagnostic and alternative testing) to identify the root causes of chronic conditions with a focus on prevention and treatment. Kristina has a thorough understanding of chronic disease prevention and management, hormone replacement therapy and sexual health treatments.