Masters of Health Magazine July 2020 | Page 70

with this “social shaming” that in some cases has even turned violent. I watched a video of people actually assaulting a person in a store because they didn’t have a mask on.

It is also causing people to be more distant and isolated. Many people are expressing levels of depression that is being exacerbated by this feeling of isolation. Statistics released for the State of California indicated that the number of suicides in one month had equaled the total number for a year under normal circumstances! That is a 12-fold increase! Even if we were saving lives by wearing masks, what is the sum-total gain here? There have been a number of psychiatrists on various news outlets speaking to this issue and it is not going away.

Just in the normal run of everyday encounters with people in our communities, we depend more than we realize on the facial expressions that mirror back to us how we are seen by them. It is how we gage our place within our community. When we say something and a person smiles, it gives us clues as to how we are received. Without over half of the face covered to give those subtle clues, we are forced to guess much more about those interactions. That uncertainty contributes heavily into an increase of the feeling of isolation.

It is interesting how these masks have become a form of “virtue signaling” in which many people are using them as a form of expressing that they are in the “in crowd”. Like the owner of the store, people are using the mask as a statement that they are somehow more “WOKE” than others, especially if the other is not wearing a mask. It is also interesting to observe the masks becoming a fashion statement with various styles and colors and patterns. How easily a large majority of people fall into accepting something that has been forced upon them without even challenging the validity.

In closing, I would like to encourage the reader to take a closer look at masking. Do some research; there’s plenty of evidence out there. Don’t just wear one because everyone else is. Take yours off at any opportunity possible that doesn’t conflict with your level of protection comfort. Certainly, don’t wear one when you are driving in your car by yourself. That does no one any good for sure! I’m just trying to encourage you to be more thoughtful about your actions and not just do things blindly. At the end of the day, it’s your own health and wellness that matters most.

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