Masters of Health Magazine July 2020 | Page 59


Discovering Hope, Healing and Strength

When Disaster Strikes

By Laurie Nadel, Ph.D.

Foreword by Award-Winning Journalist Dan Rather

"When it comes to teaching how to get up after being knocked down, how to not just survive life's hardest blows but eventually thrive, nothing beats a teacher who has learned through personal experience. I'll be surprised if you don't find this book highly readable and the information in it unusually accessible and easy to understand, digest, and put to use . . .”

—Dan Rather

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Hardship is part of life’s journey. Even this global pandemic can serve as our spiritual wake-up call to learn how different spiritual traditions heal from life-shattering events.

The Five Gifts — humility, patience, empathy, forgiveness, and growth — offer us the keys to wholeness.

Humility helps us accept what we cannot change.

Patience takes the edge off when the hurt lasts longer than we want.

Empathy keeps us connected for the long haul.

Forgiveness means forgiving ourselves, our leaders, and God.

Growth lets us look back with thanks for what we learned when the journey of life was anything but comfortable and easy.

Let’s journey together.

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