Masters of Health Magazine January 2023 | Page 7

10 truth warrior

Dr. Meryl Nass, MD

24 reading scientific studies

Dr. Michelle Perro, MD

34 Aging, Health , & Longevity. part 2

Prof. Serge Jurasunas, MD (hom), ND, MD (hc)

52 if all viruses dissapeared

Dr. Eric Plasker. DC

58 Ki-Train Method and it's benefits

Teodor Ardeleanu

66 pilot speaks out about on-flight vaccine injury

Zen Honeycutt

74 taking away your anti-aging supplement

76 fda declares homeopathy illegal


84 globAl energy parliament 2022

Lady Carla Davis, MPH

94 ORGANIC BITES for january

Organic Consumers Association

98 health benefits of singing

Steeve Rees, Ret. RN, Harpist

106 the importance of truth.

sound health keynotes for january 2023

Sharry Edwards, M. Ed

118 snow's secret vibrations

Jill Mattson

124 children's health defense/

kennedy news and views

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.