Masters of Health Magazine January 2023 | Page 30

Pressing Recognition of

the Need for Excellent, Non-compromised Science

Different global agencies and medical institutions have stated that there are inadequate studies that show that GE foods are unequivocally safe. The scope and kind of studies necessary to support definitive safety findings are not required by the FDA or the EPA and have not been conducted on a single GE trait or crop. The GE plant-based Impossible Burger, now being consumed across the world especially in vegetarian communities, is based on one faulty study showing harm to the scanty number of rats studied, dismissed as inconsequential. We deserve and must demand better. Understanding the science is a key component in determining food policy. The goal of the RHI team is to provide readers, eaters and policy makers regarding what good science tastes like.

This study was originally published by GMOScience, a website with the guiding principle of ensuring that GE crops “does no harm” to people and the health of the environment.

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