Masters of Health Magazine January 2023 | Page 13

The extraordinary story

of how patient access to COVID treatments was denied, eventually involving witch hunts of physicians who dared to treat patients

 By Dr. Meryl Nass, MD

CHAPTER 3, reproduced with permission from:

Lies My Government Told Me: And The Better World Coming

Robert W. Malone, MD, MS

I have an unusual professional background.  My day job is an internal medicine physician.  But I also have a strong background in biological warfare.  I am the first person to have proven that an epidemic (actually an epizootic, in which people catch a disease from animals) was due to biological warfare, way back in 1992.  I did this by examining every aspect of the outbreak and showing that none of them conformed to what would be expected from a natural event.  This happened during the Rhodesian civil war, and it was a form of low intensity warfare.  Anthrax was spread to kill cattle mostly.  It was designed to impoverish and starve the black population, who provided support to a guerrilla movement.  There was an official "food control" program being carried out by the Rhodesian white minority government during the guerrilla war.


I am a good problem solver.  In 1993, Cuba was suffering from an epidemic of blindness and peripheral neuropathy.  Asked to investigate, I discovered (as did a few others) that the illness was due to cyanide, coupled with nutritional deficiencies that inhibited the body's natural processes for detoxifying the cyanide.


I also have a compulsive streak regarding "First, do no harm."  When Defense Secretary Cohen announced in November 1997 that all members of the armed services would be receiving anthrax vaccinations, my ears perked up.  I knew the vaccine had never been shown to be effective for inhalation anthrax.  I also knew there had been a Congressional hearing in which it had been suggested that soldiers who received anthrax vaccinations were more likely to develop Gulf War syndrome than those who had not.  So, I wrote a very short paper about this, finishing it in half a day, for an email mailing list I was on.  Unexpectedly the paper went viral.  I was soon recognized as an expert on anthrax and anthrax vaccine (basically because it was such an arcane area that almost no one else knew anything about it). 

I really hadn't expected it, but the anthrax vaccine started causing serious injuries in a considerable minority of those vaccinated.  I was contacted by thousands of ill soldiers.  I wound up helping to lead a coalition of service members and their families to try and stop the military anthrax vaccine mandates.  There were eleven Congressional hearings that looked into the vaccine and the vaccination program.  The vaccine program was about to be cancelled, but then the anthrax letters appeared, and the program roared back to life. 


This gave me a profound experience in how the system of government works, and how federal agencies knowingly created fraudulent scientific studies in order to fulfill their "mission."  In addition, the same shaming and punishing of vaccine refusers that we see today went on then. 


Even though almost everyone in the military knew how bad the vaccines were, giving in and getting jabbed became a biological loyalty oath.  You had to take it or be docked a month's pay, be given extra duties, or even be court-martialed.  Some soldiers were held down and vaccinated.  Nothing was allowed to stop the program, even though the vaccine wasn't safe and probably didn't even work.


My colleagues (some of the most amazing people on this planet) organized a dream team of attorneys, did immense research, worked closely with members of Congress, and eventually brought suit against the vaccine.  In 2004 we won!  DC District Court Judge Emmett Sullivan threw out the anthrax vaccine license, because the vaccine had never met the FDA requirements and had skated through an FDA review, probably as a special favor FDA gave to DOD.  No "Final Rule" had ever been issued for anthrax vaccine.


I learned then that DOD did not care about Congress, public opinion or bad press--and they tried to ignore Judge Sullivan too.  Almost as soon as he pulled the vaccine's license, DOD slapped an Emergency Use Authorization on the vaccine.  And DOD attempted to mandate anthrax vaccinations again.  Our team went back to court, and Judge Sullivan told the Defense Department, in no uncertain terms, that while soldiers may risk their lives fighting for the US, they could not be forced to risk their lives as guinea pigs for an experimental vaccine.