Masters of Health Magazine January 2023 | Page 111

Analysis:  Emotions run strong in the need to help others (High Note of “D”) which is balanced with the need for that help to be well thought out and useful.  Second layer of awareness is planning and doing for long term outcomes.  There is a very balanced mental outlook here.  The words are well thought out, balanced and are spoken for the benefit of all concerned (yellow, green and blue balance of the note of “B”).


Ron Paul is telling the TRUTH.  He is the most TRUTHFUL vocal print I have ever examined.


How to tell the Truth tellers from the Liars:


Truth tellers want what is best for the most people.  The prevaricators want what is best for themselves and their personal agendas.


Liars share half-truths, withhold information, spin, manipulate, bully  and attempt to control your decisions – they want you to see and accept their truths. like the lover who attempted to betray you so they could continue having an affair without disruption. 


The good guys tell all of the truth so you can make intelligent, informed decisions based on all information relevant to the topic, even if it may not be the best thing for them personally.  When a person loves you, really cares about you, they provide all the pertinent information because that is respectfully and the right thing to do.


People deserve the truth but sometimes don’t want to hear it.

On the other side of trying to share truthful information, you may run into resistance.  Once upon a time my husband put on a tie that I didn’t think matched the suit he was wearing.    I tried to tactfully share my Truth, “Do you really think that tie matches your suit?”  He responded, “You Miss Frump of 1968 are attempting to tell me how to dress.”  He denied my perceptions, but he never wore the tie with that suit again, ever.  He wanted to strike out at me to justify his own choices.

He listened, but he had already made his decision.  He was required by his own mind to negate me.  His ego was talking.

People who really care about what is best for you, will tell you the Truth because they honor your right to make decisions based on reality.

People who lie and distort the truth only care that you see the world their way and, in that situation, will honor their needs, not your own.  They want you to serve their purpose.

People who truly care about you, don’t lie to you to suit their own agenda; against what you know to be appropriate for you.

To me, it is an honor to share my truth.  It doesn’t presuppose that you will accept my truth as your own.  

What about white lies?  Long ago, I accompanied a friend to an important job interview. 

When it came time for her to interview, she stood up, did a twirl and asked, “How do I look?”  I responded, “Perfect”.  Had I told her she had a “run” in her stocking, she likely would have been so self-conscious, that she would not have been able to participate in an optimal interview.  It was a white lie, done for her benefit.  The purpose of the fib was to support her best interests. 

She got the job!  Sometimes very discreet but hidden information can be ascertained from a vocal graph.  Below al of the numbered blocks are connected, except two, in the note of A. 

This indicates a lack of connected information dealing with management in a naïve or more likely a fantasized level.  Shows stress about what was being said.

A chart of the overall general meanings of each note is on the next page..