Masters of Health Magazine August 2022 | Page 117

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We aspire to provide inspiration without judgment,knowledge without prejudice.

It is our hope that all who enter here share in the joys of discovery.

For even one closed mind is a liability to all mankind.

Sharry Edwards, 1988

Spine issues deal with the neck C-2, Thoracic – spleen, pancreas, gallbladder (T-7) and prostate, legs, (S-2) - lower spine 

MSG as a toxin may cause increased brain fog.


Aug 28 - Sept 3 

Some beginning throat and tongue irritation may be noticeable. More Covid symptoms may appear as hemorrhagic virus becomes active (clotting).  Abdominal muscle become stressed and may cause more low back pain.


Several issues deal with male performance are beginning to climb.

B1 is more stressed than other B this week.  Boron, (known to support bone health and alleviate the pain arthritis) a mineral is activated this week.


It will depend on your brain dominance how you react to these frequencies.  Play in safe and watch for your body’s responses.



Sharry Edwards. MEd. is the acknowledged pioneer of BioAcoustic Vocal profiling.

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