Masters of Health Magazine August 2022 | Page 77

The Alliance for Natural Health USA (ANH) is the largest organization working to promote and protect natural approaches to regenerating health. We believe it is every person’s right to select the modalities of their choice to stay healthy, and that responsible healthcare means having the full spectrum of these choices available, particularly effective, safe, and low-cost healing therapies based on high-tech testing, diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes.

We face a critical challenge as an epidemic of preventable chronic disease is ravaging our population and straining our healthcare system. Conventional medicine has its place, but we need to expand beyond a single-minded focus on dangerous and expensive drugs that do not address the root causes of these illnesses, which include constant underlying environmental exposures to toxins and poor diet.

A regenerative approach to health grounded in natural ways of healing can shift our healthcare from disease management to health creation. Just as planetary health is being undermined by pollution and the widespread use of man-made chemicals, so too is human health being decimated by inescapable exposures to endocrine disruptors, pesticides, genetically modified organisms, and electromagnetic fields from wireless technology. Both processes are linked; soil health is degrading, which makes our food less nourishing. We cannot meaningfully improve human health without simultaneously healing the planet.

We’re building a diverse alliance to transform the healthcare landscape and promote health autonomy. JOIN US!