Masters of Health Magazine August 2022 | Page 52

Body Density vs.

Ideal Weight

A basic mathematical formula that tells us whether or not we are overweight has been widely accepted by the general public.

The typical recommended weight for a man 180 cm tall is about 80 kg. (180-100=80)

Long-time practitioners of internal martial arts are not eligible for using this formula.

The body (muscles and bones) tend to become denser over years of repetition of holding positions and slow-motion workouts. This is extremely exciting, especially for women, who are more likely to develop osteoporosis after a certain age.

We tend to be significantly heavier than non-practitioners, based on personal experience and observations of long-life practitioners. Although I weigh 95 kg and am 184 cm, I am not overweight. 

The very same pattern has been observed among Chinese Tai Chi practitioners.

In the end, weight is simply a number, and as our bodies get denser, they also get stronger and healthier.


In 1989, Irwin Rosenberg assigned the name of Sarcopenia to a condition that generally manifests after the age of 50.

Sarcopenia comes from combining two Greek words: sarx (flesh) and penia (poverty). The decrease of muscle mass, especially skeletal muscle, is described by this condition.

The body will become a weak mechanism, prone to injury and mishaps, when muscles are lost. Reduced quality of life, falls, fractures, and incapacity are all risks associated with sarcopenia.

Starting to take care of one's muscles will prevent developing sarcopenia. It cannot be treated with a pill or surgery. We cannot do surgery or take a medicine to treat this. It is a condition that can only be treated by transforming one's lifestyle.