Masters of Health Magazine August 2022 | Page 131

What’s all this talk about the importance of whole, unprocessed, organic food in order to maximize your health, strengthen your immune system to fight off infections (any infection!) and prevent chronic illness?  Is it true? Is improving your diet really worth the effort?

Unequivocally….the answer to these questions is YES!

In this entertaining and educational, hour-long presentation, we (a nurse, a teacher and a master’s level holistic-nutritionist) will take you on a journey.  We will go back in time and discover how our food lost its nutritional value, how the food and chemical industries used clever advertising, propaganda and persuasion to not only influence the public’s perspective but to also control public health policies.  You’ll see just when and how the food industry became so corrupt.

Most importantly you’ll learn some simple solutions for breaking down the myths around healthy eating and getting to the core of what it really takes for you and your family to be healthy.

Thanks to support from the Centner Academy, we were able to dedicate many hours and spend many months researching and developing this presentation to make it not just educational, but inspirational and practical.

A suggested donation of $20 before or after viewing this presentation will help us at  continue our mission to bring you positive solutions for living happier, healthier and saner lives. 

Please share this presentation at parent groups, with teachers, pediatricians, book clubs, community centers, family members and any gathering where people are in pursuit of the truth and solutions!

Wishing you and yours the BEST of HEALTH!

The Millions Against

Solution Team