Masters of Health Magazine August 2022 | Page 129

If someone around you suddenly suffers a heart attack, you should call an ambulance first, then observe the patient’s vital signs and keep communicating with the patient about his or her condition.

If the patient loses consciousness, make sure to clear his or her airway to avoid suffocation. While waiting for an ambulance, press the patient’s Neiguan (PC-6) Points continuously to delay myocardial necrosis to gain some precious time to save the patient’s life.

When using acupuncture, acupuncturists generally consider the direction of the needle: “needling along the direction of meridian Qi-energy flowing (shunjing) is tonifying, and needling against the direction of meridian Qi-energy flowing (nijing) is reducing.”

For instance, if the needle is inserted into the Neiguan (PC-6) Point, it can be inserted in the direction of the palm of the hand (shunjing) to regulate the heart function, or in the direction of the upper arm (nijing), which can also penetrate the Jianshi (PC-5) and Ximen (PC-4) Points to improve angina pectoris (chest pain or pressure) and provide pain relief.

The Neiguan (PC-6) Point is a major point that not only treats heart problems but also improves insomnia.

Quze Point (PC-3): Regulate Heart Function

Quze (PC-3) is the He-Sea point of the pericardium meridian, which means that a lot of energy gathers here, allowing it to regulate the function of the corresponding internal organs.

For example, it regulates the function of the pericardium and helps the heart contract. It can be massaged regularly to improve palpitations, chest congestion, and arrhythmias.

Daling Point (PC-7): Relieve Pain, Adjust Mood

The Daling (PC-7) point is a Shu-Stream acupoint of the pericardium meridian and can treat many pains, such as chest and underarm pains, arm pain, and elbow pain. It’s also an acupuncture point that emphasizes reducing, and it can clear heart and liver “fire” energies.

Therefore, when you are angry or upset, you can press the Daling Point to relieve your anger.