MASH Magazine Issue 2 - Page 22

friend of mine from Holland prefers the mornings, for example. He gets up at 06:00, works on a personal project for about 2 hours (script writing), and then goes to work. So when he arrives at the office, he already has some quality hours in his pocket; he prioritizes things that really matter to him. track to what degree you fulfilled your commitments and calculate the percentage. That is your level of integrity. You can also track your commitments per week, but I recommend doing it on a daily basis. It is easier to track and quantify this way. I was monitoring almost every day except for weekends, vacations and training days. I recommend to anyone that first they serve their main commitments in life before anything else. In the end, integrity is about making time while your mind says there is none. Start with commitments and promises that you are really passionate about, and attend to them first before turning to the ones that matter to you less. If you achieve 100% with all kinds of things at the end of the day, but didn’t spend any time on your biggest passion You should also schedule enough rest and vacation time to have a balance. Integrity is not just about execution and doing. S.E.: And how did your integrity levels vary at the beginning, and over time? It wasn’t so coherent at the beginning. Some days my integrity was around 40%, and other days it was 80%. But I noticed that, after some weeks, my level began to increase steadily. or goal, then what’s the point? Integrity works best when you set a goal that matters to you. You should make a plan with smaller commitments to get there and then simply fulfil each and every one of them. As your “integrity muscle” gains strength, it becomes easier to fulfil your promises. Even when you have a 9–5 job, you can create the time. It is up to us to decide what we spend our time on. It depends on how badly you want to achieve your goal. S.E. I had never thought that exercising one’s integrity would be possible. Is there anything else we can gain from this exercise? S.E.: So, how should we go about this? Where should Yes, there is. For example, when my level of integrity was high, I realised that I could achieve more with less effort. I had more energy, sharper focus and a pleasant sense of clarity. we start? What I did – and still do – is this: every morning, I make my morning coffee, and sit down to write down 5 to 10 commitments, depending on how much time they require. I highly recommend that you test this yourself and see what you are capable of achieving when you up your level of integrity. You’ll discover just what becomes possible if you always do what you promise. I also realized that what you take on should be about 20% outside of your comfort zone to really grow and build the muscle. So you have to challenge yourself a little bit. Not too much, not too little, just a sufficient amount to grow. S.E: Thank you, Remco. Your approach has genuinely been an eye-opener for me. I hope that Mashers will also give it a go and use this technique to advance their careers and maintain a better balance of different aspects of their lives. Because writing is mostly a solitary occupation, it’s very easy for us to spend excessive amounts of time in front of our computers, or lost deep in books. I would also like to point out that if Mashers need further assistance, they can contact you via email. We’ll certainly keep in touch with you. Bye for now! What is important here is to fulfil your promises, no matter what. I sometimes didn’t feel like it, or it was a difficult promise to fulfil. Nevertheless, I just did it, because I said I would; my goal was to have 100% integrity and fulfilment at the end of