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Trim the stairs only after the floor beneath the stairs is finished . Adding or removing carpet or other flooring material will change the measurements for the length of the stairs .
STEP 1 : Fully extend the folding section of the stairway . Press down the stairs to ensure full extension .
STEP 2 : Fold the bottom section of the stairway under the middle section , so that the top and middle sections form a straight line ( Fig . 1 ).
STEP 3 : Measure distance A and mark the distance on the A side of the bottom stringer ( Fig . 1 ). Mark this reference point on both sides of the stringer . Draw a straight line 1 / 2 inch above these reference points . It is possible for the landing area to be uneven , so repeat this procedure on the other stringer .
STEP 4 : The foot supports supplied with your stair should be attached according to length required to allow the bottom of the stair to fit flush with the floor ( Fig . 2 ). According to the measurements taken in STEP 3 , the bottom section may or may not need to be cut . The foot supports will only extend the length of your stair by 3 inches . Be sure to cut accordingly .
STEP 5 : If cutting is necessary , cut each bottom stringer to the proper length along the reference line . Attach the foot supports with the bolts , nuts , and washers provided . A hole must be drilled in the bottom aluminum extrusion to align the foot supports and attach the hardware . The bottom of the aluminum extrusion must extend into the foot supports a minimum of 3 1 / 2 inches . The bottom section of the stairs should fit flush with the floor on both sides after cutting .
STEP 6 : Check to make sure the stairs fit flush with the floor and that all joints are tight with no gaps ( Fig . 2 ). If the stairs are too long ( Fig . 3 ), trim them again . If the stairs are too short ( Fig . 4 ), do not use them . Contact your vendor or The Marwin Company .
Fig . 1
Fig . 2
Fig . 3
Slip foot support over aluminum stringer
Attach foot support using hardware provided
Fig . 4
Do not use the stairway unless the stairs fit flush with the floor and the joints are tight with no gaps .