Marr College Newsletter 07 - Page 3

Issue Number 07 | April 2020 Visors - PPE Production Our Design & Technology department have been making visors for NHS staff and local health care providers. The department’s laser cutter has been in full use, creating headbands from sheet plastic before clear plastic film is attached to complete the face masks. With more plastic ordered and, on the way, we aim to continue producing much needed visors in the weeks ahead. Visors have already been delivered to local care homes, Children’s homes, GP surgeries and NHS Treatment Rooms. We would also like to thank Kerr McGuffie for sourcing a new belt for the laser cutter. Our kind hearted Science staff have also donated all their goggles to South Ayrshire care teams to support them as they continue providing essential care within our local community. With production underway the department aim to have around 500 visors created by the end of the week! Well done everyone! 2 Foodbank Donation Drive- through Well done to former pupil, Kieran Holroyd who organised a Foodbank donation drive-through at Marr College. The first event on Thursday 16 th April saw a fantastic response from the people of Troon and surrounding areas. Marr students Lia Matteoni, Nell McIntyre and Jemma Lee volunteered to help collect donations and an amazing 507kg of food was donated between 12- 2pm. The donation drive- through will continue to run at the same time each week throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.