Marr College Newsletter 07 - Page 18

Issue Number 07 | April 2020 BBC Bitesize technology to help students learn in the most rewarding way possible. All Digital Zone material is completely free to use and, although it integrates entirely with the textbooks, it also works independently. Click here: bjects/ BBC bitesize has a range of different resources – including a schedule of educational videos on BBC iPlayer. Expert teachers have worked with the BBC to create these fun-packed programmes full of learning and inspiration. Each programme will include a combination of core subjects like English, Maths and Science, as well as other subjects such as History, Geography, Music and French. Click here for more information: ize-daily-schedules-teach/zdtwjhv Coding Websites There are a number of different websites out there to with videos and activities helping students to learn to code. Here are some of the Computing Department’s top picks:  m/s/en/home  My World of Work The Scottish Government has announced an update to the My World of Work website which now lists a variety of online courses on different subjects to continue studying, build professional skills, and connect with experts. Particularly for digital skills, business topics and languages. Click here: earn-and-train/find-free-online- courses BrightRED Digital Zone The BrightRED Digital Zone is a fully interactive online resource where students can find tasks and helpful resources. The BrightRED Digital Zone has been developed in collaboration with Professor Bill Buchanan OBE at Edinburgh Napier University to use the very latest 17