Marr College Newsletter 07 - Page 17

Issue Number 07 | April 2020 The PE Department have been posting daily challenges on their school Twitter site. They are challenging students, teachers and parents to get involved to win points for their House. So far activities have included the use of your hour of outdoor exercise to run, jog, walk, skip or even scorpion walk! Each kilometre wins 10 points for your House. Other challenges include burpees , balancing items while in different positions and hitting the kerb with a ball. To see the girl’s hockey team video, click here: Or the football team: Well done to all the students, parents and teachers who have taken part. For more information or to see some of the fantastic videos sent in by our students go to the PE Twitter page @pe_marr. To see some of the staff completing the burpee challenge click on the image below! 16