Marr College Newsletter 07 - Page 16

Issue Number 07 | April 2020 IDEA Award – Bronze and Silver Award Winners S2 students in the Business Education Department have been working on their IDEA Awards. The majority of students are working towards their Bronze Award. IDEA Award is a fantastic, free, online resource available to people of all ages. It is designed to develop key employability and digital skills – offering a variety of different badges including topics such as: internet safety, digital marketing, social media in business, money management, coding, gaming, UN Sustainability Goals, teamwork etc. Science Experiments in Action! Well done to students who have been carrying out science experiments from home! Special mention to Ross from 2P who was investigating factors affecting rusting of an iron nail - water and air vs water with an oil barrier! Very interesting! We currently have 278 learners registered for the Award, students have completed a total of 2,860 badges and as a school we now have 27 Bronze Award winners and 2 Silver. Fantastic work everyone! We will be updating our S2 progress every week. Well done to all our S2 Bronze and Silver Award winners so far. For more information: 15