Marr College Newsletter 07 - Page 15

Issue Number 07 | April 2020 Digi Champs - Top Tip of the Month! This week we focus on accessibility and learning tools. Immersive Reader Immersive Reader is built into most Microsoft software and is accessible from home. If you are using Word, Teams, Office Lens, OneNote or Forms then you can use Immersive Reader! Click here to find out more: Immersive Reader allows you to:      listen to text being read aloud as the words are highlighted, using Office Lens take a picture of your textbook and built in Immersive Reader will read the text aloud for you choose how content is presented visually, including screen masking translate into over 60 languages, and even use a built-in dictionary/picture dictionary for real-time vocabulary support. Click on the image below to take you to the Periodic Table of Learning Tools to find exactly where Learning Tools and Immersive Reader are located. Dictation Using the Dictate feature within Microsoft Word and OneNote will type up your answers as you speak – without the need to type! Click below to find out more information and give it a go yourself! Click here: YouTube Clip 14 Online Guide