Marr College Newsletter 06 | Page 3

Issue Number 06 | March 2020 Andy Murray FaceTime After winning the national final for the #DigiInventors Challenge our team, Shake it Up, had the opportunity to take part in a FaceTime call with Olympic gold medallist Sir Andy Murray. This was part of their prize for winning the competition last year. The competition is run by the DHI in conjunction with Andy Murray - who participated as one of the judges. The group discussed how they had created a prototype of their app with SwarmOnline and how they had the offer of working with a business mentor moving forward. Students also discussed topics such as studying, sports and plant-based diets! We can’t thank Andy enough for taking the time to chat with the team. The group (and teaching staff) were a bit star struck. The group, Caitlin, Olivia and Grace (3L), also presented to the Parent Council – showcasing their winning idea, their prototype app and sharing their experience so far. Well done to the team! 2 2019/20 Finalists Our S2 Digital Enterprise students were also competing in this year’s #DigiInventors Challenge – managing to submit 18 entries. We are delighted to share that our team ‘You Wish, We Assist’ have been announced as 1 of the 4 finalists from across the country. The final has been postponed but we will bring you more information about their progress closer to the time. Well done to Amy, Laura, Savanna and Ashlyn (2p5). You can access more information about the competition by clicking on the logo below or visiting @DigiInventors.