Marr College Newsletter 05 - Page 8

Issue Number 05 | January 2020 New Senior Photography Club Understanding Photography/ Higher Photography Taster Thursday lunchtimes, based in the art department with Miss Weir (February 6 th to March 26 th ). Photography is an extremely relevant and useful career subject for students in an increasingly visual and digital world. This new club is aimed at Senior Students who are interested in photography as a subject at Higher level and/or keen photographers who want to try a few new things to better understand their own phone cameras or Digital SLR use.     The club will run as a series of short fun workshops to build practical photography skills. Students do not need a camera to come along but you will be able to use yours if you have one. Students may be given project tasks to carry out in their own time. We might even hold a small exhibition of the students’ work. Students who would like to sign up should visit Miss Weir in the art department, open classroom. Maximum number of students is 20. 7