Marr College Newsletter 05 - Page 24

Issue Number 05 | January 2020 Ski Trip! Before the Christmas break a group of our junior students went on an exciting trip to Pila - an Alpine ski-resort in the Aosta Valley region of northern Italy. This was a great opportunity for the group to learn some new skills, developing their skiing skills throughout the trip. Everyone had a fantastic time and we think you will agree the pictures look amazing! A big thank you to Mr Manning and the staff who organised the trip. Inclusion Ambassador We are so proud of Callum McConnel, S4, who travelled to Edinburgh on the 28 th of November to take part in the national Young Ambassadors for Inclusion recruitment event. Young Ambassadors for Inclusion are young people who have been nominated by their local authority to join a network which provides an opportunity for them to share their views and experiences of the provision for inclusive education in Scotland. A total of 26 local authorities have been represented since the network began. We will be hearing from Callum in our next newsletter about his experience. 'The Ask Us, Hear Us, Include Us' film (below) looks at what works and what could be improved in relation to inclusion in education. To view the video click on the link here: to-get-london-screening/ 23