Marr College Newsletter 05 - Page 23

Issue Number 04 | November 2019 Ayrshire College Applications Ayrshire College August 2020 course applications are now open! Follow the link to the courses and apply – See Gemma Fraser, our Careers Advisor, for more information. Careers and Options Evenings 2020 Marr College also has its annual Careers and Options Evening on Wednesday 5 th February from 6pm – 8pm. This will feature industry professionals, colleges, universities and also teachers sharing information about courses that are available right here at Marr. Come along for more details on apprenticeships, subject choices and more. Book your place by clicking on the ticket logo: You might also want to try the Subject Choices tool available at My World of Work (@mywowscotland) to help you consider which subjects you would enjoy. S6 Study Tips Extravaganza Written by Anya Joyner, S6 “Plan ahead and factor in time for breaks. Look after yourself, eat healthily to fuel your brain. You will work better if you are not exhausted so be sure not to leave everything to the last minute. Avoid time stealers e.g. social media and other distractions. Make good use of your resources, remember you can find notes and presentations on MS Teams, the SQA site has past papers and marking instructions which are also very useful. The SQA Understanding Standards website is excellent to help you with exam technique and gives insight into how marks are allocated.” Mrs McFetridge “I would say that it is important to work hard but make sure that you take regular breaks so as not to overload yourself. My advice would be to do lots of past paper questions because these will help you with exam technique which is also important. You can find past paper questions and assignments on the SQA website along with marking instructions and any files that you need. Remember to stay mentally and physically healthy!” David Owens, 6P 22