Marr College Newsletter 04 - Page 7

Issue Number 04 | November 2019 GEL Summit A group of our new Social Enterprise and Young Enterprise students attended the Global Entrepreneurial Leaders (GEL) Youth Summit in October. They heard from a variety of industry experts, including Dr Mick Jackson, the founder of the Wildhearts Foundation. Students heard talks about using enterprise as a force for social and economic change. Both groups will take this knowledge forward and consider the UN Sustainable Development Goals while running their own businesses within the school. Micro Tyco – Innovate This year the Business Department are launching ‘Micro Tyco Innovate’ with the S3 Social Enterprise classes. The students will be split into teams and must create a business idea which will contribute towards one or more of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Some of the ideas from the teams so far include an app which allows people to locate their nearest bin/recycling area to reduce littering and a pop-up café to allow work experience for the unemployed. The final ideas will be sent to Micro Tyco at the end of November and if successful our teams will be asked to compete in a regional final – good luck to all involved! Computing Science - Bebras S1 pupils participated in the Bebras Computing Challenge 2019 in November. This introduces computational thinking to pupils in over 30 countries and 6 designed to get pupils excited about Computing Science and problem solving. Each participant gets 45 minutes to solve 15 activities that focus on computational and logical thinking. Try out some previous challenges: